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The 2020 iMac 27 ” SSD is soldered to the motherboard

The new iMac 27 “unveiled by Apple this week are the first to completely abandon the venerable hard drives: they come with an SSD of a minimum of 256 GB or 512 GB depending on the model, and it is possible to climb up to 8 TB optional. Although the design of this new generation

iPhone 12 (2020): release date, design and power

THE 4 NEW IPHONE FOR 2020: WHAT DOES THE IPHONE 12 LOOK LIKE? For Apple, the iPhone 12 will be a nostalgic throwback when it comes to design. All the rumors and leaks indeed agree that the smartphone should offer a design reminiscent of the iPhone 4, with straight edges. The borders around the screen

How to fix some common problems of Iphone 7

The iPhone 7 doesn’t look all that different from its predecessors, but the more you handle it, the more improvements you’ll find in it. The camera performs better, there are dual speakers, and Apple has finally made its flagship device water resistant. Yes you did manage to get one, so you probably like it, but