The 2020 iMac 27 ” SSD is soldered to the motherboard

The new iMac 27 “unveiled by Apple this week are the first to completely abandon the venerable hard drives: they come with an SSD of a minimum of 256 GB or 512 GB depending on the model, and it is possible to climb up to 8 TB optional. Although the design of this new generation of iMac has not changed, Apple has changed the internal design of its all-in-one. SSDs do not indeed fit into the slot formerly dedicated to the hard drive: they are soldered directly to the motherboard, according to an internal document that MacRumors could consult.

This particularity has its advantages for data security in connection with the Apple T2 Security chip, but it has two important consequences: the impossibility of replacing the SSD with a more powerful model after a few years of use, and the unwavering marriage between two components that may be susceptible to repair. Thus, a failure of the motherboard will make it compulsory to replace the SSD, even if the latter is still perfectly functional, and its data will be incidentally lost. Conversely, failure of the SSD will require the complete replacement of the motherboard.

The document consulted by MacRumors indicates that the configurations integrating a 4TB or 8TB SSD use an expansion port, but we do not have more information on the subject for the moment and it is better not to count on it. , the Apple T2 chip is not the permissive kind. It is therefore essential to choose the storage capacity of your iMac 27 “at the time of purchase, then to make regular backups of your data (this advice is valid whatever computer you use!). Do not forget, however, that the RAM modules are easily accessible by the user: it is also advisable to install them yourself rather than choosing the expensive options from Apple at the time of purchase.